What is Gang Printing?

Published: 05th February 2010
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Gang run printing is a process where numerous printing projects are positioned on a common printing sheet in order to cut printing costs and paper waste and it also shows variations in color.

In a printing world, all colors in the same area are put on the sheet to avoid variation in color. Gang runs are usually used with sheet fed printing presses and CMYK process which need four separate plates that are overloaded in the press.

Printers use the word "gang run" or "gang" to explain the process of placing many print projects on the same sheet or on the unused portion of a print sheet. In offset printing, the first sheet costs

above 1,000. Gang run printing allows multiple jobs to divide cost. For example, a 28" x 40" sheet can hold 32 4" x 6" postcards each card taking 4.25" x 6.25" on the sheet. Gang run print can be used for color business cards, postcards, rack cards and mini cards.


• Economical-many print jobs share the same print run, thereby minimizing the manpower, plates, prep time, and press wash-up labor.

• Minimizes wastage-less paper goes unused.

• Saves money and time by using the purchasing power of numerous consumers who have universal goal to get top quality printing done at good rates.

• Allows you to print on both sides of the sheet.

• Ensure the best description of the image.

• Gang run printing is ideal for short-run postcard or short-run rack card as per piece rate decreases thereby increasing the quality.


• Lack of proper paper stock choice-the paper stock is common to all the projects on the same sheet.

• Short of color control-color balance on a gang print run is hard to uphold since so many other print projects are positioned alongside. A gang print project is harder to manage for color quality issues.

• Ghosting an adjacent project might have a heavy solid color which might influence the final result.

• Hard to hold custom print quantities.

• Reprints cost is high.

• Harder to get custom colors, spot colors, varnish effects, or coatings.

• Timing issues-It is very time consuming and involves a lot of effort.

The major drawback of gang run printing is that it fails to manage the ink thickness for the neighboring images. Regrettably, there is very little control over color variation that occurs during the gang run printing process.

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